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However Your Face Looks

Friday, March 25, 2005

Your face is your power tool although millions of folks are uptight about how their visage actually comes on. Your looks are your biggest trump card. But suppose when you look in the mirror something bad comes back at you. In that case we recommend touting your looks with; here they are, I have them, and they are timeless.
Your face can be a standard for what people see when they look at you. So why would you change that standard to conform to what the public thinks is good looking. That's an enervating rat-race to avoid like the plague. But let's say you look like Jeff Goldblum in the late stages of the movie "The Fly." If you are rot gut ugly, why care, as long as you meet lots of people. Amongst a lot of people there will always be someone who likes your face. Your face, if you will consider the actors who screw their visages up like Jim Carey, is a gold mine, however it appears. And that, my friends is the timeless standard.

Don't think of it as a face. Think of it in terms of these three points.

1. Think of it as a new wrinkle on presenting yourself to people.
Spend 10 seconds each morning contorting it into outlandish expressions.
Now you have what is called flexibility in the puss.

It's your puss, and how it can be distorted is what will give you an edge in face to face contact. The way you look counts if you give your face the breath of life. Come up with an expression worthwhile. Put your face to work. Do what the psychological people do: Look people in the face. Remember that, in a face, people want entertainment. The crux of entertainment is good screwed up looks. It means you can impress others without having to prove yourself with much else. Your animated power puss means that your face is armament. Put life in your visage and vitality in your nose as you wrinkle and purse your lips. Be read like a book. Don't get put on the shelf unopened. Let no one slam your covers shut. Just make sure you create a moving, dynamic facial front that stands as a timeless standard in a crass world of wacko icons.

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