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Do You Like Quotes?

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"I don't know," Ken Taylor said, not sure what the summer held for work, standing at his locker across the hall from Merkley's during the last week of high school, never figuring he'd be the Canadian Ambassador to Iran, getting six Americans out by fixing them up with Canadian passports.

"If you go to Stanford you won't have to be 2nd class to anybody," said uncle Dr. Marion G. Merkley to Merkley before his unc became the Utah State Supt. of Pub. Instruction, who got doctored at Stanford U.

"Yah I remember you," says Frankie Laine looking at Merkley in Las Vegas as Merkley was introducing a friend to him.

"Nice to meet you Marv," says Mike Leavitt just before becoming Governor of Utah to the individual Merkley was introducing to him.
"Where do we go?" Petula Clark asks Merkley as she takes his arm and they head for a buffet at the Calgary Inn.
"I'd like to thank Prof. Merkley for asking me to speak," said Harry Walker, Regina Mayor, as he began lecturing one of Merkley's management classes.
"Oh, you're Dave's Dad," she says and it was Gwen Stefani of Grammy winning and Superbowl half time fame, sharing a hug and posing for a pic with Merkley, knowing his son Dave, who is pretty well connected.
"Do you sing second tenor?" she asked. It was Janie Thompson wanting to find out where to place Merkley in a minstrel show she was doing, and this was after she had been one of the great singers of the big band era with Skitch Henderson.
"Get the silly thing and get out," said the former U.S.Commissioner of Education, Sterling McMurrin to Merkley about finally getting down to work on his doctorate.
"Hey how are you?" Eddie Firmage, one of the smartest legal scholars in the world says to Merkley, and who used to be Merkley's wrestling partner when they were freshman at BYU with whom Merkley has second cousins in common, notably Nathan E. Tanners kids.
"It's the campus report," Sandy Gilmour, bigtime NBC news man says to Merkley in the days when he was calling Merkley at KALL Radio from the Univ. of Utah to give a report on the air of what was happening on campus, before he went big time.
"Nice to meet you," Governor George Romney says to Merkley at the airport on the Gov's 50th birthday.
"Hi," Mitt Romney, son of George shouts over at Merkley after Merkley shouted Hi prior to the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olymics.
"It's Brando," Glenn Olds, Pres. of SUNY and later Kent State Univ., says to Merkley about an original drawing on a hall wall at Old's house at Oyster Bay, for which Marlon sat and posed.
"Thank you," says LeGrande Richards, the oldest living great orator in the state, to Merkley, after Merkley had helped him on with his coat outside Snelgrove's ice cream store in Salt Lake City.
"The rent's pretty cheap," he said to Merkley. It was Louie Youngkeit, renting space in his house to Merkley when Merkley was a college student and years before Youngkeit became a fringe candidate for President of the United States.
"Boy that was scary," John Rains says to Merkley after a one hour radio interview, and bringing Merkley up to speed on the fact that Rains is the grandson of thee Claude Rains in the movie "Casablanca".
"Good pipes," Andy Bumatai, Hawaii's premier comic describes Merkley's voice at the Manu Lani Hotel during one of his performances and he's conducting sound byte interviews in the audience and he comes over and Merkley says a few words in the mike and Bumatai notes the dulcet quality of Merkley's state of the art tones.
"That was me," Charlotte Sheffield was telling Merkley behind his house in front of his old car on the parking lot in Hollywood after Merkley told her he saw her on TV last night as Merkley is being introduced to Miss USA by his roommate who is dating her.
"Where you been?" Merkley got asked upon his return to Calgary from Honolulu, by Sugarfoot Anderson, who had a part in the real, old, original movie of "Seabiscuit," back in the forties, and the same Anderson who played excellent pro football for the Calgary Stampeders.
"Will Ben Merkley please report to the control booth," said the announcer over the PA system at the Stampede Corral with 10,000 fans in attendance during the intermission of a Bill Haley and his Comets concert, which page had been set up to give Merkley some semblance of recognition."
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