Monday, January 7, 2008

More Totally Profound Quotes

Quotes 2nd group

"And now Capitol Records recording stars The Lettermen," said Merkley when he introduced them onstage to a screaming crowd at Lagoon.
"I really do like those glasses,"--Orrin Hatch, U.S. Senator about Merkley's Porsche sun glasses. Hatch is easy to get along with.
"So whaddya teach?"--Premier Peter Lougheed of Alberta asking Merkley to admit to whatever it was he could possibly be teaching.
"No relation to the Bennett Glass people in Calgary"--Wallace F. Bennett U.S. Senator saying to me who he wasn't related to.
"Will this get you there?"--Calgary Mayor Don Mackay pointing to a white Chrysler Valiant Merkley was about to drive and wondering if it'll get to Red Deer.
"Use this,"--Lionel Aldridge of the Ut. State Aggies later of the Green Bay Packers letting Merkley use his student I.D. to enter the stadium, with a photo of Lionel who is black and Merkley's pasty white but it worked and L.A. played great for Utah State and then the Pack.
"Four dollars,"-- Melvin Dummar later of "Howard and Melvin" hoax movie fame, claiming he was picked up by Howard Hughes in the desert & a year before that asking Merkley to pay for the gas he had put in the tank at his Willard Utah station
"This is Keeley...expecting,"--Louis Prima introducing me to his wife Keeley Smith and Sam Butera in 'Vegas.
"No way I'm shakin' his hand," Merkley thought going into the men's room and he's coming out to get on his private jet on the general aviation side of the airport, is one of the world's richest people, Mariner Eccles.
"'Scuse me will yah,"--Lavell Edwards whom they named the BYU stadium after, the legend, asks Merkley at a Highland High school game he was watching on his way out and going past Merkley's seat from where he was sitting down the row in the stands.
"Amen,"--Tommy Hudspeth, Calgary Stampeders backfield coach, and later BYU and Detroit Lions head coach affirms audibly next to Merkley after someone at the front of the room finished off a prayer at a church meeting they were both attending.
"Where can I go to the toilet"--Charles Bronson asking Merkley's wife Haunani when she was a lobby hostess at the Westin Mauna Kea.
"You like mo' rice Merkley," said Edith Kanakaole after whom they named the stadium in Hilo home of the Merry Monarch Festival while Edith's daughter Pualani looked on shoveling in her third plateful.

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