Saturday, March 22, 2008


It happened back in '82.

"Hi my name’s Merkley, what’s your name?” It was the way the unprompted ruse started out. It was in a supermarket in Park City. Merkley had turned to his date who was right behind him in the checkout line. She was the stunning Ms. Lourdes Carvalho 5’ 8” bombshell from Sao Paulo who went along with it immediately. With her tabernacle choir consummately trained voice she harmoniously announced her name in return.

“Hi, I’m Lourdes Carvalho,” she said in a practiced voice so rich why even try to resist it. She caught on to the spur-of-the-moment ruse fast, very fast. They shook hands like they were meeting each other for the first time and all the people in the checkout line are watching as these two people are meeting and striking up an acquaintance spontaneously. Or so it seemed. Everyone is held up for a quite entertaining few moments and they are all absolutely surprised. The cashier too is totally stunned because he doesn’t know what’s going on. He becomes somewhat mortified besides when Merkley and Ms. Carvalho the looker dish then slowly embraced and kissed each other a long time. ‘Long enough for the cashier to scan the bread and the cotto salami and then they slowly disengaged. They quietly paid for their own respective groceries with total composure separately.

Then they both walked out quietly and individually and not with each other like nothing happened. They played it totally straight like two people who did not know each other but met and then were kissing in the checkout line and then parted. Sixty seconds later they had an uproariously good laugh on the parking lot outside the store and could hardly stand up they were laughing so hard and reveling in the idea that they were actually loose enough to do it.

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