Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Loose Leadership

In the way we use the term STAY LOOSE in this book it tends to take on a meaning of subdued like you might find in the life of a really relaxed person and they are hard to come by. Most people are going bananas. It’s a private mental state that is hardly ever really easy to come by. People seem to be working at it but you still run into incomprehensible senselessness if you happen to turn around. The whole world-changing idea behind a STAY LOOSE style of leadership is that you wouldn’t want to be caught going nuts over an event that doesn’t mean much. And so in the midst of the shouting you try to stay chilled out. STAY LOOSE means that you are entirely aware of the challenge of taking on a tremendous risk in how you go about accomplishing certain chancy tasks. A chancy move is a dicey one. One that is dicey is a situation where you decide to stay calm although it is expected of you that you should be terribly rigid in the circumstances. Yet, and yet you come off behaving socially OK but in a Stay Loose manner.

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