Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stay Loose Spontaneous Philosophy

Let’s talk about what STAY LOOSE is. It’s a philosophy. It’s a way of thinking and behaving in all kinds of so-called unyielding and rigid situations where you think everything is set in granite. There is not much that is established in stonework. STAY LOOSE as a way of behaving with people or events suggests spontaneous flexibility. You would think that you must shake someone’s hand if they shove it out at you. Don’t you just naturally offer your hand too? It only seems right. The next time that happens try instead to keep your hand at your side. Now look at the other person carefully to see what they do. What they do is look at you and after two seconds lower their hand to their side and go on with what they were doing. There is only one good reason to not shake hands. It’s so you won’t get germs. A lady came to the door and had a name tag around her neck because she was selling something door to door and she offered her hand and California Gibb didn’t move one muscle except for looking at her and she went on with her spiel and dropped her hand and went away after about 45 seconds more of explaining her product into which C.G. did not buy. To STAY LOOSE requires that you possess the assurance to do it. A huge dose of quiet confidence can usually be found in a STAY LOOSE attitude.

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